Jace Tillman

Meet Team Stumpman Member Jace Tillman

Team Stumpman member Jace Tillman was introduced to RC cars at a family Thanksgiving gathering when he was just 4 or 5. After that, he raced occassionally, having fun but had a hard time controlling his truck.

After a long absence from RC racing, Jace regained his interest in the sport through Brushless, Lipo Power and Short Course trucks. He built a track at his house and practiced there, and then discovered racing at LSR Speedway. He was hooked!

"The competitive aspect of RC racing is great! I really love working on my cars and trying to get better at drving them, and seeing myself progress on and off the track."

Jace joined Team Stumpman "to help promote [Stumpman] through the community in a positive way. Stumpman is here to be a part of their community and help people and that's something I believe in."

Jace is our second youngest team member, (he'll turn 21 in 2013), and races in both Sportsmen Buggy and 2WD Short Course Truck classes. He won top honors at LSR Speedway's Thursday Night Fall Nationals Points Series with a 1st Place finish in the Sportsman Buggy Class, and a 3rd Place finish in the 2WD SCT Class.

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