Kat McBride

Meet Team Stumpman Member Kat McBride

Team Stumpman member Kat "Mrs. Stumpman" McBride is the team's oldest, but most novice, member.

It was an exhibition of Traxxas aerial acrobatic RC cars that first intrigued Kat. After subsequent trips to R/C County Hobbies and visits to LSR Raceway with her husband and teammate, Randy McBride, she began to think perhaps "one day" she could be an RC racer too. Of course, first she had to learn how to "control" her car.

Kat ran her first "race" in LSR Speedway's Sunday Off-Road Race Series when RC racer David Sareeram asked her to sign up to meet the minimum number of drivers to keep the 4WD Truck class separate that day. She finished in last place but with a huge smile, and was hooked.

Since then, with the help and encouragement of her teammates, LSR Speedway owners and staff, and fellow racers, she has continued to learn, improve and race. She still has a firm hold on last place, but is having fun!

At the 2012 Fall Brawl (which didn't provide a novice class for her to race in), Kat supported her teammates and helped with corner marshalling duties. She's looking forward to improving her skills to qualify for an intermediate class at the 2013 Fall Brawl.

Kat was also a force behind our Holiday Toy Drive, helping to secure donations and deliver the toys with teammates Randy McBride and Ron Chunn.

"Team Stumpman provides a unique opportunity to spread the fun and excitement of RC racing with folks (like me) who would never imagine themselves as an RC racer."

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