Raysen Chunn

Meet Team Stumpman Member Raysen Chunn

Team Stumpman member Raysen Chunn started racing dirt bikes when he was 4 years old. At age 13, he and a friend built a track at his home and started RC racing with the neighborhood kids every day after school. It wasn't long before he was racing at LSR Speedway.

Raysen, at 14 and in 8th grade, has become an accomplished racer in a short period of time. For him, his most memorable (so far) was a race in which he top-qualified both rounds and won the main. At the 2012 Fall Brawl, Raysen took 1st in his class, and won the first annual trophy for highest placing family with his fellow Team Stumpman member (and his dad) Ron Chunn.

Raysen is looking forward to getting better every race and would like to compete at the highest level.

Raysen joined Team Stumpman "to be around people that are doing positive things."

Raysen's hard work and dedication, and willingness to learn and help others, make him an invaluable and integral member of our Team.