Shon Wilcox

Meet Team Stumpman Member Shon Wilcox

For Team Stumpman Member Shon, a programmer for the State of California, RC racing has been a passion for over 25 years. He shares below how he got started with RC racing, some faorite tales, why he continues to enjoy the sport and being a part of Team Stumpman…

"It all started Christmas morning of 1984. That was the year my father bought me my first RC car, the Tamiya Grasshopper. Shortly after that my dad and I formed the “Wilcox Racing Team “and as they say, the rest is history. I have been racing RC cars off and on since 1985.

There are so many things that Iike about RC Racing. Road trips with my son while I was racing 1/8 scale nitro and he was my trusted pit man. Bench racing with my friends, helping others at the track and watching them improve. Being an ex Motocross racer, the thrill of competition without the fear of getting hurt (well maybe just your wallet). Last but not least, providing me an avenue to meet tons of cool people from all walks of life.

One of my favorite moments happened early on in my racing career. It was a big race that was being held at our local track Hobby Haven Raceway in Livermore, CA. It was the opening day of their new track that was conveniently located in the parking lot next to the hobby store. My dad and I battled it out in qualifying with me squeaking out the top qualifying position. Going into the Main Event tensions grew high in the Wilcox Racing pits with both of us wanting to take home the elusive win and the big trophy that had been staring at us all day from the table located by the announcer’s booth. When the tone sounded we were off, going into the first turn I was taken out from behind putting me all the way back to last place ( for the record it was my dad who took me out but it wasn’t on purpose). I now had a big hole to dig out of and my dad was checking out. As we approached the one minute to go mark, I had made my way through traffic and was in second place chasing my dad down. With 30 seconds to go I am now right on my dad’s bumper and in my mind there was no way I was going to let this win slip away. Going into the second to last turn, which was a sweeper coming off the straight away I heard my dad yell out to me "Hold Your Position”. Now in those final seconds, tons of things raced through my mind, he is the team manager and financial backer and has led the entire race should I let him win? Not a chance, I took him on the inside and to make matters worse I wheeled him (he did try to close the line down on me) sending him tumbling into the pipe. At the tone it was me taking the victory and luckily enough for me and my dad we had a huge lead on third place allowing him to take second position. It was a long ride home that night but as they say, time heals all wounds and my father and I still talk about that race.

Being a part of team like Stumpman, provides tons of benefits but most of all it is being member of an awesome group of people and sharing great times with them.

I want to thank the people who make it possible for me to go out and play with my toy cars. First and foremost, my wife for allowing me to spend countless hours at the track and being away from my family. Secondly, I would like to thank Randy and Kat McBride and my other fellow Team members for giving me the opportunity to be a part of an amazing race team. Go Team Stumpman!"

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