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Ready for Camping? Five Forest Friendly Firewood Tips

Has the recent spring-like weather got you planning a camping trip? This year, instead of adding a box or bundle of firewood during your pre-trip shopping, buy firewood near your camping spot, and you can help forest conservation.

When you move firewood from its native area, you risk accidentally transporting invaisive species of firewood-related pests that can infest and destroy trees native to the new location.

Whether you're tent-camping, RVing or heading to a cabin, you can follow these simple tips:

Buy firewood harvested within 50 miles of your campsite.
Check with your campground and/or state or federal parks or forests for information regarding local firewood distributors.
Buy only what you expect to use.
Leave extra wood at the campsite for the next campers.
Check your campground rules and state and county regulations regarding transportation of firewood.

For more information about the problem and how you can help, visit these websites:

The Nature Conservancy - Forest Conservation

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