Randy McBride

Meet Team Stumpman Member and Founder Randy McBride

Most folks are used to seeing Stumpman founder and owner, Randy McBride, in the trees. While he does spend most of his time working to ensure your tree care needs are met, he also enjoys spending time with family and friends racing RC cars.

A long time racing enthusiast, and former Nitro RC racer (at one time having over 14 Nitro RC trucks and buggies and a homemade track in the Sacramento Delta that welcomed fellow evening and weekend racers), Randy and his wife and teammate Kat McBride, recently re-discovered the fun and excitement of RC racing and beng a part of the RC community.

"It's a whole new RC world. These electric cars are FAST and FUN!! They're not anything like the electric cars I remember."

Since forming Stumpman Racing, when allowed by his "Stumpman" schedule, Randy has participated in events at our home track, LSR Speedway, and at the team's first road trip race at the 2012 Fall Brawl where he placed 3rd in his class. He's also been a force behind our Holiday Toy Drive and took time to help deliver donated toys to Sutter's Children Center, Sacramento.

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